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Using images


All pictures stored in this domain, subdomains and social networks Jesús García are licensed under a Creative Commons: Non-commercial use, without modification, and mentioning the author with a visible and indicated www.jesusgb.com link. Uses that do not follow these guidelines will be legally prosecuted and punished under applicable law copyright.


Notice the use of “cookies”


In compliance with paragraph 22 of the second delartículo Law 34/2002 of 11 July, services theinformation society and electronic commerce, after amendment by Royal Decree-Law 13/2012 of 30 March, which directives are implemented in the field demarcated internal electricity and gas comunicacioneselectrónicas and on, and on measures to correct lasdesviaciones adopted by mismatches between costs and revenues in the electricity and attend (hereinafter LSSI) it informs all that this site uses “cookies” and third-party.


Basically these are used to remember user data:

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Occasionally, some can store more data using certain plugins.


If you want to remove cookies from your computer you can follow the instructions depending on your browser:

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Mystery Map
The videos posted on “Map of the mystery” are uploaded to a YouTube account linked to Bloggueros.es. At no time no benefit is obtained by playing these videos. If a video is advertising is imposed by YouTube, realizing that you have violated any copyrights and the profits go to the rightful owner.

The only purpose of the publication of this map is to visualize in an orderly and dynamic situation interesting points in order to make travel stops. If someone believes that content posted here should be removed please communicate it from the Contact section and discuss what their concerns are.





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