Madrid en decadencia

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“Madrid en decadencia” was a project meant to make us aware of the situation that Madrid was suffering with most of his emblematic buildings being under works.

Puerta del Sol, building getting ready for the new Apple Store

Works that in some cases took years, others took forever, like the Catedral de la Almudena refurbishment that, even do it is one of the most recent cathedral in Spain, it was recently reformed with the addition of a museum in one of the laterals.

For months the tourists had to fight in order to take a picture without a crane braking the atmosphere.

But it was also a way to communicate that something was going wrong with the new style used in the construction of new buildings, in the city centre, coexisting with hundred years old monuments.

Like the new building in Gran Vía, the hearth of Madrid, that now has to deal with this cubic apartment construction with a light blinding screen in the basement:

It was supposed to be an ebook with interactive content and this was the cover of it, a basket bin with the Madrid’s crest as can be saw in the city streets.

But I left Madrid and the project wasn’t finish, so all the pictures taken so far can be found in this website.

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